Unauthorised Radiohead documentary DVD

According to a new unofficial Radiohead DVD entitled "Homework" will be released on October 6th. The hour long unauthorised documentary "includes a welter of interviews with the band, as well as conversations with people close to the band".

Radiohead win MTV Music Video award

Radiohead have won "Best Art Direction In A Video" for "There There" at the 2003 MTV Music Video Awards. In that category they beat Jennifer Lopez, Johnny Cash, Missy Elliott and Queens of the Stone Age. Radiohead were also nominated for 3 other awards.

7 Television Commercials DVD released

I have just received my copy of Radiohead's 7 Television Commercials DVD from The title has been available for many years on VHS, but as far as I can tell has only been released on DVD in the last few weeks. The disk is PAL, region free, has a PCM soundtrack and lasts for about 34 minutes. There are no "extras". The DVD contains the following tracks: "Paranoid Android", "Street Spirit", "No Surprises", "Just", "High And Dry" (U.S. Version), "Karma Police" and "Fake Plastic Trees".

New Radiohead single

The second single from "Hail to the Thief" will be released in the UK on Monday 18th August. Two different versions will be available, the first containing "Go to Sleep", "I am a Citizen Insane" and "Fog" (recorded 3rd july 2003). The second version contains "Go to Sleep", "Gagging Order" and "I am a Wicked Child".

Radiohead nominated for 2003 Mercury Music Prize

Radiohead's "Hail to the Thief" has been announced as one of twelve albums of the year nominated for a Mercury Music Prize. The eleven other artists include Lemon Jelly, The Darkness and Coldplay. The BBC are running an unofficial poll to see which band should win, currently Radiohead are in 2nd place.

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