7 Television Commercials DVD released

I have just received my copy of Radiohead's 7 Television Commercials DVD from Play.com. The title has been available for many years on VHS, but as far as I can tell has only been released on DVD in the last few weeks. The disk is PAL, region free, has a PCM soundtrack and lasts for about 34 minutes. There are no "extras". The DVD contains the following tracks: "Paranoid Android", "Street Spirit", "No Surprises", "Just", "High And Dry" (U.S. Version), "Karma Police" and "Fake Plastic Trees".

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Added by Webmaster on August 19th, 2003 at 12:10:44
Anyone who has seen the video for "Just", will have one question: "What did that guy say at the end!?" :D Apparently the band have said they will never tell. Must be something big though to make everyone lie down on the pavement! :)

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