Radiohead with Jonathan Ross

This BBC1 show went out on Friday night, but is repeated at 2:30am on Sunday for those that missed it (myself included). Thom and Jonny were "interviewed" by Jonathan Ross as well as performing "There There" live with the rest of the band.

Comments (Closed):

Added by Webmaster on June 2nd, 2003 at 16:57:14
LOL @ Thom and Jonny each time the camera cut to them backstage! My VCR stopped recording about 1 minute into the interview! :( What did I miss?

Added by Sam on June 2nd, 2003 at 15:16:22
Thom did look like an extra from Oliver Twist LOL :D

Added by Pablo Honey on June 1st, 2003 at 09:58:02
Thom & Jonny seemed to be enjoying themselves backstage! :)

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